5 Best PlayStation Deals

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In this article, we’re back with 5 Exciting Offers available with discounted rates over limited stock. 1. PlayStation PS4 + Games Pack: In this shiny, light, and slim PS4 Pack, you will get SSHD PlayStation PS4 with 2TB storage to … Read More

PS4 tips and tricks

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The PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are surprisingly complex models. While they’re all competent gaming consoles (duh), they can also act as superb video streaming devices, excellent emulators for PS3 games and can even stream to PC/Mac. Whether Sony’s … Read More

Playstation 4 Tips

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Pre-load your games Why wait? We live in the 21st century don’t we? All pre-orders available on the PlayStation Store now come with the ability to pre-load your digital games. This means files are available to download several days before … Read More

Playstation VR On PS4 Pro

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There’s also another piece of hardware to consider when looking at buying a PlayStation VR, and that’s Sony’s brand-new, ultra-powered PS4 Pro. With additional processing power, the PS4 Pro is capable of creating an even more immersive virtual reality experience … Read More

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