PS4 tips and tricks

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The PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are surprisingly complex models. While they’re all competent gaming consoles (duh), they can also act as superb video streaming devices, excellent emulators for PS3 games and can even stream to PC/Mac.

Whether Sony’s lovely parallelogram has been snug under your TV all this time or if you’ve just got one, there’s always plenty to learn, and 2017 is shaping up to be an amazing year for PS4 owners thanks to some exciting exclusive games.

A slew of software updates since its release means Sony’s console now has a stack of features hidden up its sleeve that make it unrivalled when it comes to a living room gaming setup.

Whether it’s making the most of sharing and tweeting out your video highlights, or discovering the PlayStation app, we’ve gathered 54 must-know tips to make the most of your PS4.

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The PlayStation 4 is a feature-packed console, which means that the setting up process is a bit more complicated than previous consoles.

To make sure that setting up your new PlayStation 4 is as simple as possible, check out our video below showing you the best way to get the PS4 up and running.

Make headphones wireless

Well, wireless when it comes to stretching between the sofa and the screen that is. A 3.5mm jack handily positioned on the DualShock 4 means you can plug your own headphones or headset into the controller.

The default setting is for chat audio only but this can be easily tweaked by holding down the PS button in game and selecting ‘adjust devices’ on the resulting menu. Select the ‘output to headphones’ option and choose ‘all audio’.

Voila, no more anti-social TV noise, you’re surrounded by the ambient noise of Fallout 4’s Commonwealth and, if you have an inline mic you can use this for in game chat or even commentary recording for Twitch.

Use your phone as a keyboard

Previously it was a serious slog to enter messages using the analogue sticks on PS3, with only an ugly wireless keypad peripheral available to ease the pain.

Thankfully, PS4 delivers a choice of interfaces and, as well as a helpful touchpad input, allows you to use the PlayStation App as a second screen for text entry. With your phone and PS4 on the same Wi-Fi network you can pair them via the PlayStation App connection settings on the PS4.

Then, with both logged in to the same PSN ID, select the second screen option, choose the keyboard icon at the top left and, as if by magic, PlayStation messaging becomes fun again. Thanks to the latest update, there’s even mascot themed stickers in there for when words just aren’t enough. Yep, say it with Sack Boy.